114 WEST OKLAHOMA AVENUE  |   GUTHRIE, OK 73044  |  405.282.8101  |  treasuresandbooks@coxinet.net
Rustic Wood mirrors,
wall decor and
distinctive eclectic
crosses made here in
Guthrie, Oklahoma!
Earthly Antiquities Rock Shop
A great collection of cabochons for designers,
fossils, rough and unusual home or office decor
featuring elements from Land Sea and Sky. And,
there is a box full of hand made beads!
Not Your Everyday
Wood Carving!!
As if nature is alive in your home, many
of these frames and carvings retain their
bark and reflect great natural style!

Photo frames, coasters, embossed  words,
and yes, we have Guthrie and Oklahoma!
Frame of Mind
Gotta love a good rock!
Don't forget the honey, Honey!
and the Jelly!
We always have a good
selection of local honey
for your health and
wellness or just for your tea!
For your breakfast table,
jams and jellies both sweet
and savory from Uncle Jam's...
and for later in the day, there
are Pickles!